Posted by: Ian | November 3, 2009

Xenapp 5 PNAgent connecting to the wrong/old URL

I’ve been building a new Citrix environment which heavily relies on PNagent to deliver applications to Users. After rebuilding some of the backend apps servers we ran in to an issue with PNagent picking up a wrong URL entry (I setup a round robin DNS with 0 TTL). After some googling here is the fix:

Modify your default user profile’s ntuser.dat file and then replace the original with the modified one on each workstation through a batch file, login script, Altiris, etc.

To modify the ntuser.dat file open regedit locally, select the HKEY_USERS hive, select File, then Load Hive, browse to c:\documents and settings\default user, select the ntuser.dat file here, name it defaultuser and click ok, expand HKEY_USERS and then expand defaultuser and drill down to: Software\CITRIX and change the following to correspond to the correct server url:

\Program Neighborhood Agent\Config URL
\Program Neighborhood Agent\Enum URL
\Program Neighborhood Agent\Enum_Smartcard URL
\Program Neighborhood Agent\Launch URL
\Program Neighborhood Agent\Launch_Smartcard URL
\Program Neighborhood Agent\Reconnect URL
\Program Neighborhood Agent\Reconnect_Smartcard URL

After completing this process, select the defaultuser hive then select File and then Unload Hive to save the modified ntuser.dat file. Locate this file and copy off to a network install point (file server) and use the process of your choice to deploy it to all workstations.

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