Posted by: Ian | September 30, 2009

Fuji FX200EXR and why it’s so awesome

Not long ago I purchased a new point and shoot camera. It took a while to find one I liked, but when I read about the F200EXR I was blown away.

I love doing HDR pictures with my current DSLR but always found the process a little tedious when doing multiple HDRs. Also it’s rather inconvenient to bust out the tripod to get the perfect shots or a particularly difficult shot. The F200EXR solves this by having in built HDR.

Simply the camera takes 2 pictures at the same time to capture all the shadow detail and highlight detail, then combines the two images together automatically. The result is awesome. The best way to understand it is to see an example.

Whilst on holiday in Queenstown I took a high contrast picture from a boat. I wanted to capture the foreground detail and the mountains in the background.

Here’s the picture using my Canon 450D DSLR:

Ernslaw Trip 051

Here is similar shot using the F200EXR – Can you spot the difference?

Ernslaw 020


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