Posted by: Ian | September 29, 2009

Disable shift+f12 in Citrix

Currently building a Citrix environment with a requirement in one of the apps to be able to pass through shift+f12 and shift+f2. Unfortunatly by default these are mapped to Citrix specific features.

To disable them simply edit the following files:

\program files\CitrixICA Client\appsrv.ini
\program files\CitrixICA Client\appsrv.src

\program files (x86)\CitrixICA Client\appsrv.ini
\program files (x86)\CitrixICA Client\appsrv.src

Adding in the following lines:

Disables Shift+f12

Editing existing line:

Disables Shift+f2


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  2. Thanks very much. I don’t have a subscribe option currently but I may look at setting one up.

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