Posted by: Ian | April 28, 2009

Finished migrating website / e-mail

Well I’ve finished migrating the website and e-mail from Bespoke computing to free solutions.  The main driver obviously being the cost of running the website/e-mail system plus maintenance.  With the new solutions I have dramatically cut down on maintenance, whilst retaining almost all of the functionality I previously had.

Here is a run down of what has been changed:

  • Website now hosted with
  • E-mail now hosted with Google (Google apps for domains)

There wern’t many issues to work through but there were a few little ones.  The main issue I was having was:

The problem is that if I want to point to the new site I’d have to have the DNS records hosted with  The problem is with that is I wouldn’t be able to add custom dns entries for etc.

This was solved via Chris from Bespoke Computing by doing an IIS redirect (Something I don’t have access to change) which points all traffic at my new wordpress blog.

All that was left to do was backup the old site and move people on to the new hosted Gmail solution (Which works awesomely!).  Once I’d done that I setup my Blackberry to sync with my Gmail account as opposed to using BIS and away we go.


  1. The IIS redirect setting can be configured via Helm, it’s just a feature that was turned off by default.

    Still, it’s a shame WordPress cannot be a little more flexible with their DNS configuration.

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