Posted by: Ian | April 3, 2009

Vista Hybrid Sleep – Coolest power feature ever

Came across a really cool feature with Vista which I had no idea existed.

I use my laptop with Vista quite a bit at home and love the ‘sleep’ feature which puts the laptop into a low power state, which resumes from RAM.  2-5sec boot times after opening the lid!

Whilst this is cool it still drains the battery even if it is only a tiny amount (Takes a 4 or so days to drain it in this state) sometimes my battery does die and I lose my session.

Using the classic hibernate would avoid this as it saves your session to disk which uses no power but 15 second boot times are too slow after getting used to 2-5 seconds.  This is where Hybrid sleep comes in.

Under the advanced power options then Sleep on a Vista machine you will see Hybrid mode on or off.  If you don’t run this command from a command prompt :

powercfg -h on

Then go back in to advanced power settings and the option for Hybrid will appear.

Why is hybrid so good?  Well because it not only allows you to use the normal suspend to RAM feature which gives you 2-5sec resume times it also does a hibernate in the background after it sleeps.  This means if the power drains during the RAM sleep mode next time you power up it will resume from Disk, thus keeping your session!!!!!!

Too cool.

Note this works on Desktops as well as laptops!

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