Posted by: Ian | March 12, 2009

Firefox essential Plugins

After switching back to Firefox since my browser testing I thought i’d list what I believe are essential plugins.

+ Scribefire – This is ideal for doing quick updates to Blogs
+ IE Tab – Brilliant if you have a website which just will not work in any other browser
+ Tab Mix Plus – Allows auto opening of new tabs from any box (Search/Address/Bookmark etc).  I also prefer it’s session manager.
+ Down Them All – It’s a download manager which splits up the download in to chunks.  Helps when you have a poor link to websites.
+ No Script – Stops those nasty scripts (Although I’ve dropped this recently)
+ Flag Fox – Shows the country which the page is in regardless of the .com etc at the end
+ Viral Threat Level – Handy on the Work machine as it provides links to the main Virus status sites

That’s about it.  If you have any more please post a comment!

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