Posted by: Ian | September 26, 2008

Vista SP1 Group Policy Management Console

So after rebuilding both my work laptop and work desktop I realised a few bits and pieces were missing.  Mainly Group Policy Management Console, bugger!

Although I don’t use it that much it’s still required every once in a while to test and fix GPO issues.  So after reading some articles about how SP1 for Vista uninstalls GPMC I went on the hunt for the download.

OMG what a mission.  Turns out it’s now included in the Microsoft Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT for short).  So off I went and downloaded that.  Installed it.  Still not GPMC, wtf.

After some more googling around there is suprising little info on the GPMC and how to get it.  Eventually I figured it out myself.

Install the RSAT pack first – Links:

Vista x86 Download

Vista x64 Download

Then once installed go to Programs and Features.  Then in the left pane hit Turn Windows Features on or off.  In there you will see a Remote Server Administration Tools section.  Then simply check the features you want installed.

Hope this helps someone.

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