Posted by: Ian | April 24, 2008

Vista seamless using VirtualBox on Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy)

I had previously been running a full Vista machine but it ran pretty slow and didn’t have the responsiveness of XP or Ubuntu. As you can see below i have been running Ubuntu and using VirtualBox very successfully to run Windows apps seamlessly.

With the new version of VirtualBox 1.5.6 you can run a Vista machine and let me tell you it runs quick!

I setup a new VM using the VirtualBox gui as you would normally and selected Vista as the OS i was going to install. Gave the machine the recommended 20GB HDD (Growing not static) and only gave it 512MB of RAM.

Installed Vista (Business) and then installed the VirtualBox guest addons.

DAAAMN it ran quick. I was expecting really sluggish performance but it ran really well and now have both XP and Vista running at the same time on my machine. Performance isn’t obviously as good as a dualcore machine with 4GB RAM but for seamlessly running apps it’s more than quick enough.

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