Posted by: Ian | December 9, 2007

Brisbane trip

I was over in Brisbane on a business trip on from Monday to Wednesday last week and thought I’d post about it.  This was my first time properly in Aussie and so it was quite an experience.

The first thing i noticed was the heat!  Although it was only 28 degrees it was a very humid heat and wasn’t nice walking around the city in a shirt and tie!  After the first day though i’d kind of gotten used to it.

The city itself was very clean and whilst i was only around the CBD area it didn’t seem too huge a place to get around.  All the stores were in one place and it was easy to find places.  What wasn’t easy was finding a decent place to have breakfast, the only places seeming to serve breaky were these outside bars/cafes, which weren’t ideal.

The best thing about the trip though was the place we stayed in, which was an Apartment at the MacArthur Chambers, which have Luxury Heritage apartments.  Below are some pictures of the rooms. I managed to ‘shotgun’ the double bed + LCD TV and en suite with Jacuzzi – go me!

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