Posted by: Ian | November 25, 2007

New golf clubs

My friend Mark aka BallBag has just got back from cruising around Asia (He’s in the NZ Navy) and brought back some awesome stuff! Whilst away he picked me up a North Face jacket, although not much use atm as it’s summer, however i will be bringing it to England with me.

Also he managed to pick up a couple of sets of Golf Clubs. Obviously they are the China knock offs but after blasting them around at the driving range they actually perform pretty well. I’m sure the real versions may go that extra 50 yards but at almost 12 times the cost is the extra 50 yards worth it?

The 2 sets he bought were the X20 Callaways and the new G10 Rapture Pings, along with matching bags and a few other extras. The Callaways had graphite shafts (Stiff) whilst the Pings had metal shafts. After using both I consistently hit further with the Pings and they had a nice ‘weight’ to them. I did prefer the Callaway woods (Big Berthas) although i’m sure using a smaller tee than the one at the range would have helped.

Whilst i don’t pretend to be good at Golf am quite capable of hitting a ball straight and quite far. With a few of the well hit balls using the 3 iron i was comfortable getting around the 180-200 yard mark (If the driving range signs were accurate). I seem to be able to hit irons better than woods and only managed to get a few good hits in but the ones i did were well past the 200 yard mark and maybe 250 after they stopped bouncing.

All in all for around 150 USD each BallBag managed to pickup a full set of Irons, a Putter, Drivers, Bag, Wheely Cover bag and Socks for both the irons and woods. Clearly they won’t last as long as a proper set but with me playing very rarely it’s more than acceptable.


  1. so now u think u can play golf then be able to have a spin around the golf course when u come home show us your skills

  2. if u got the last message it was by pure luck not sure what im doing

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