Posted by: Ian | November 2, 2007

Citrix/Terminal Services Printing issue

Had a really annoying problem whilst trying to get a new Citrix Server working (Windows 2003).  Printers would be mapped via the login script and show up fine if you check the Start -> Settings -> Printers.  However when using any app that tries to print (At the time a published app) an error would pop up saying

Before you can perform printer-related tasks blah blah

Obviously not the blah blah bit but basically even though the printers were mapped up fine it wouldn’t print to them. So after much searching and messing around (The new server was a clone of an existing server) it eventually turned out to be printer drivers.

Simply login to the server as an admin. Click Start -> Settings -> Printers.  Delete all the printers that are there.  Then click File -> Server Properties and click the Drivers Tab.  I then removed all the print drivers from the server.  Logged back in and the printers worked as they should.

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