Posted by: Ian | September 15, 2007

Commuting to work

Since moving house it’s now become necessary to catch the ferry again to get into the city. This isn’t a bad thing as I really do prefer the ferry to a sweaty unairconditioned bus any day of the week. Since summer is coming it only gets more enjoyable with the turquoise ocean lapping against the boat, whilst a cool breeze ruffles my hair.

The ferry port however is still about a 30min walk away, not a massive distance but doing it twice a day every weekday becomes real boring real quick especially when it gets hot. My solution other than taking the car is this:


It’s what’s called a hybrid bike. No that doesn’t mean it runs on electricity it means it’s a mountainbike crossed with a road bike. It’s got thin road tyres and 24 gears (Slightly smaller for higher speed compared to mountainbikes). Nothing else real special other than it’s super light and real quick. Because it doesn’t have any suspension and thin tyres no cycling effort is wasted. I was really quite amazed at the speed difference between this and other bikes I’d road (Even the Saracen!)

Takes 10mins tops to get from house to ferry port and it takes about 15mins to get there in the car. Best time i’ve had so far was with a fairly brisk tailwind was around the 8min mark. It’s an enjoyable ride and have been very lucky with the weather even through winter. I’ve been riding for about 4 months now and unless it’s real bad rain or wind i’ll still ride šŸ™‚

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