Posted by: Ian | September 7, 2007

Align 600n Sport Heli

Yes I have yet another RC Helicopter to play with. This time it’s the latest and greatest 50 sized from Align. It’s called the Align 600n (N for Nitro) and it’s only recently been released. A lot of hype about this Heli before it came out and thankfully it’s lived up to the hype. There are a lot of people buying them, myself I have one and my other flying buddy bought 2!!

After buying my little Trex 450SE early this year I became a great fan of the performance of the Align helis and also the ease of setup. The other great thing about Align is that the major spares such as Main shafts, spindle shafts, booms etc all come in packs. The main point about this though is that they are often cheaper than most other manufacturers and you still get 2!! Makes the Align helis very cheap to crash and repair… as I found out last weekend 😦

Took just over 2 days to build it and then most nights for the rest of the week to tweak things. Not flown it a huge amount as the weather has been less than ideal for testing. Overall very happy with it and will maybe buy another one depending on budget, as there is a new Transmitter coming out soon…

Check out the build Gallery here


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