Posted by: Ian | August 15, 2007

Most stylish Credit Card ever?

You may have heard about the mythical AmEx ‘Black Card’ which supposedly had no limit and was an invitation only car. So exclusive that even Amex didn’t know about it… Anyway the card was supposed to be just a black card that would have no limit, the appeal is that it just looked so damn cool (Even though mythical).

Style is everything and with my recent purchases of cool things I’ve been trying to match up the things I buy. My new car is black to match my black 4×4. To match those I bought a black Plasma TV, along with matching black cabinet and black speakers & sub. So when I ordered my credit card and opened up the letter containing it, I was (So was AJ) very impressed with what I saw. Without doubt the best ‘card’ I’ve owned so far.

I’ve obviously removed the card number and expiry date but other than that this is how the card came!

Now come on admit it you wish you had a card that looked as stylish as this! Ok so it’s a matter of opinion and I suppose not everyone really cares about this sort of thing but I was impressed, I know Rabh will be when he sees it!

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