Posted by: Ian | August 12, 2007

New car

Well I’ve purchased a lot of new stuff since my last post on the old website and as such thought I’d start off with some of the cooler items, namely my new car. As many know my previous cars have included the Toyota Carina Exciting Version (Oh yes), and more recently the Isuzu Bighorn (Trooper in the UK) aka the Staunch mobile.

After a year and a bit of having the Original Staunch mobile i was getting a bit bored of it and wasn’t using the offroading features all that much anymore. I had decided that the next car must meet some specific features though:

  • Must be staunch – no point having a car that looks gay (Matter of opinion i know)
  • Must be practical – again I carry a lot of gear around with my hobbies and hence still require the space
  • Must be reliable – Duhhh
  • Must be quick – The Bighorn wasn’t slow but it was a heavy vehicle and not designed for speed
  • Must be an Auto – In Auckland there’s too much traffic to bother with a manual and really the older I get the more I’m into convenience

With that little list my options for cars were quite long. I’d settled for a Station Wagon (Estate) as this was going to provide the space, and having so many Jap imports it wasn’t going to be hard to find a performance wagon. My original option was to go for a Mitsubishi Legnum VR-4 which is a 2.5ltr V6 twin turbo 4wd. Unfortunately there are issues with these and drink fuel like it’s going out of fashion so I didn’t bother with that. There were a handful of other cars such as Subaru Legacy etc but again too many issues. Eventually I settled for this:

It’s a 1998 Toyota Caldina GT-T. It has a 2ltr 4 cylinder engine which is turbo charged to produce 191kw (255bhp) and is also 4wd. It met all the requirements and is also tiptronic for those occasions when I want a bit more control. I had all the sounds moved over from the Bighorn and also had a Valentine One Radar detector cabled in (The radar itself is removable) which has proved invaluable with the stealth cops over here. It’s not as economical on petrol as the Bighorn and it currently averaging around 18mpg around town but I didn’t buy it for economy.

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